Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pureed Cauliflower

Everybody always wonders what to do to serve cauliflower in a way that is yummy and get their kids to eat it.  It is kind of like brussel sprouts... you want to like them but you just have to find the right way to serve it.  In our house, we love cauliflower and lately I have grown weary of the same old roasted recipe I do with mustard and so on.  While roasting is a delicious way to enjoy cauliflower, I truly had grown tired of it and needed something new.  So I decided to puree it and serve it as I would mashed potatoes.  Now this method is nothing new, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut and forget there are other great ways to serve a vegetable.  The first two times I did this, everybody thought they were having mashed potato.  The recipe is simple enough and you can adjust easily to your liking, what I am going to share is my general method recipe to get you trying cauliflower with your family in a whole new way.

Cauliflower Puree

1 head of Cauliflower
2 tablespoons of butter
cream or milk
salt & pepper
pinch of garlic powder (optional)

bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt (a nice big pinch like you would with pasta)
break down cauliflower into chunks
add cauliflower to boiling water
cook until fork tender
stain cauliflower
put cauliflower, butter and a little milk or cream and garlic powder in blender or food processor
blend until smooth
add more milk or cream if needed to get right consistency
add salt and pepper to taste
Serve like you would mashed potatoes.

Happy Eating!

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